Ally W.

Ally, a native Portlander, has been a professional smartass, err, trivia host for well over 5 years and been in the hospitality industry longer than she’d like to share. Perpetually living in the ’90s, they still regularly watch ’90s Nickelodeon with an emphasis on the Adventures of Pete & Pete, and will fight you on how well made the show really is. When not in a brain-occupied Wellsville state, she’s a big fan of professional wrestling and is continuing to find new bluegrass and deathcore bands to listen to.

Servant to five animals including two dogs, one cat, and a pair of guinea pigs named after Perry Mason characters.
She and her wife are part of a ’90s themed Dungeons & Dragons podcast called Dungeons and Decades as well as some other ventures!
Come check out one of the nights they’re hosting for good time/queer vibes and a fun mix of fun jams!