Dev D.

Zigzagging across the country, Dev always finds himself back in Portland. Could it be the unlimited access to rain? Perhaps the neo-liberal zucchini found at the Saturday markets? He’s not quite sure. What he does know is that the bags under his eyes are designer.

When he’s not singing in the shower or trying to overthrow the power dynamics that of the family of raccoons in his backyard, Dev can be found making bad puns and even worse one-liners in front of trivia crowds across PDX.

Never one to fear a good spotlight, Dev enjoys getting to stump trivia lovers of every variety while forcing them to listen to a lot of Taylor Swift.
So if you want to see the tenth runner up for sexiest college admissions counselor east of the Willamette River, make sure to find him at your local bar.

(His safe word is Antidisestablishmentarianism.)