Mike (Dolly) D.

Dolly doesn’t host trivia for the money – he does it because he’s terribly lonely and in need of attention. He’s very insecure. Please be nice to him.

Dolly knew he had to start hosting trivia when he got stage fright and froze up in front of a full church when reading a Bible verse at his grandmother’s funeral. Instead of mourning Mimi, Dolly’s cousins spent the rest of the day mocking him for his cracking voice.

Needless to say, negative attention was better than none, and Dolly knew that embarrassing himself in front of crowds was his ticket out of loneliness.

Dolly enjoys trail running, bad movies, Dune, eating too much, nature and shit, coitus, thrift store shopping, giving really meaningful compliments, telling uncomfortable truths with compassion, extreme weather events, dressing up in revealing costumes because there’s something funny about a half-naked grown man, ambient music, drinking coffee, did somebody say coffee? Good idea. Let’s get some coffee!

Dolly is a very odd person, but he grows on you.