How to win a Free Pass?


You and your team can win a Free Pass to the Tournament of Champions Finals!


A Free Pass is an award given out to players or teams that gives them direct entry into the finals. This Free Pass is similar to an “Advance to Go” Chance card in Monopoly. You and your team don’t have to grind it out at a weekly venue and through the semi-finals. Granted, you won’t get the 10 bonus points for winning a Semi-Finals, but still.


Free Passes are given out throughout the trivia season and sometimes during the off-season. Basically, any time… but primarily during the Winter or Summer trivia seasons. Frequently they are given out when we open a new venue on one of the first few game dates.


Free Passes are given away at select trivia venues during the Winter and Summer trivia seasons. We also give away Free Passes to top scoring teams in a single season, as well as a few off-season events we may throw.


Simple: we want you to have as many chances to make it the finals as possible. This may seem crazy, but our philosophy on trivia is “let’s have fun” and “the more the merrier!”


There are a few ways to win a Free Pass:

  1. Be the top point scoring team at select trivia venues on a Free Pass night.
  2. Have the highest cumulative score in the Bridgetown Trivia family of events at the end of the trivia season*. Basically, play a lot everywhere to qualify for the Megascore (worth 10 points to a team without a venue invitation, and 5 additional points to a team with one)!
    (*as of the week preceding Semi-Final week, across all venues, regardless of venue)
  3. Anything else we think of and announce!