Trivia Season Trivia Month Venue Team Total Points
Spring 2019AprilAlberta Street PubSecond Ball Sensitivity882
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyThe Drinking Caps854
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingGetting Quizzy with It668
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubDouble Pubble667
Spring 2019AprilThe Side DoorMom’s Biggest Backseat Regret652
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingThe Neighbors625
Spring 2019AprilChurchLil Sebastian’s Angels594.5
Spring 2019AprilSchilling Cider HouseUnstable Unicorns588
Spring 2019AprilThere Be MonstersJazz Hand Jobs580
Spring 2019AprilChurchScooter Squad577
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomBrendaddy575
Spring 2019AprilThere Be MonstersTitty Tetris547
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingQuizzed and Confused545
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingWhy Go Hard When You Can Go Home?532
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingQuizlamic State of Sanctuary521
Spring 2019AprilThere Be MonstersPresbytyrion Lannisters511
Spring 2019AprilSchilling Cider HouseOscar Meyer Winners506
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubThe Order of the Remix490
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomFiskey Biznez471
Spring 2019AprilAlberta Street PubMargarita Mode470
Spring 2019AprilBaby Doll PizzaTrivia Sharks424
Spring 2019AprilBlackbird PizzaPrestige Worldwide422
Spring 2019AprilChurchThe Thrill is Gone421.5
Spring 2019AprilBlackbird PizzaVegan Vengeance415
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomThree Must Get Beers412
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubTentative Learners396
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomPuns N Roses389
Spring 2019AprilThere Be MonstersHot Italian Sausage387
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubUncle Avuncular386
Spring 2019AprilThere Be MonstersTiny Tobasco375
Spring 2019AprilNo Fun BarPerturbed Pigeons362
Spring 2019AprilChurchLittle Edies358
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubJust Some People350
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomA-Aron is Late349
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingTip Your Server332
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingGoat Fox327
Spring 2019AprilNo Fun BarComing in Hot324
Spring 2019AprilNo Fun BarEllis Other People294
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomNot Sure291
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingNext Week’s Winners287
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomO’Hale Yeah287
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubVegan Vengeance276
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyMike Rowe Peanuts267
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyAlabama Hot Pockets266
Spring 2019AprilBaby Doll PizzaTBA265
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingLet’s Get Quizzical263
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomBrooke’s Bitches263
Spring 2019AprilThe Side DoorHoneynut Queerios257
Spring 2019AprilChurchSmarsha Smarsha Smarsha254
Spring 2019AprilAlberta Street PubUSS Calister247
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingRealistic Expectations246
Spring 2019AprilThe Side DoorGourds of War243
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubMaximo Outrage236
Spring 2019AprilBaby Doll PizzaStarch Madness234
Spring 2019AprilBaby Doll PizzaPizza the Hutt232
Spring 2019AprilBaby Doll PizzaPizza Pals228
Spring 2019AprilBlackbird PizzaIt’s Wednesday, My Dudes228
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubHot off the White Hart Press228
Spring 2019AprilBlackbird PizzaNifflers226
Spring 2019AprilBlackbird PizzaTeam Canada225
Spring 2019AprilBlackbird PizzaNaughty By Nature224
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubThe Mighty Bantams224
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubThe Contingent224
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyPupperware Party221
Spring 2019AprilBaby Doll PizzaThe Final Four220
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingNorthwest Trivia Champs217
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyTerrible Trivia Table216
Spring 2019AprilAlberta Street PubHuffle Puff Puff Pass215
Spring 2019AprilThe Side DoorDolly Fartin215
Spring 2019AprilNo Fun BarHere Come The Warm Jets214
Spring 2019AprilBaby Doll PizzaBacon Date Pizza209
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyThe Peeeeeeeeeps207
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyThanus206
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyStruggle Bus205
Spring 2019AprilAlberta Street PubOccupy Your Mom204
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyMicrophone Revival204
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubChristine Sinclair203
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyThe Combat Wombats202
Spring 2019AprilAlberta Street PubChinchillin with the Lights200
Spring 2019AprilChurchGet on your knees198
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyPee Wee Herman’s Sturgeons198
Spring 2019AprilChurchFirst place197
Spring 2019AprilChurchMargaret Thatcher naked on a cold day197
Spring 2019AprilChurchBobby Digital194
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyKrystol Perkins194
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubA Tribe Called Wes!192
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanySkipper McNips191
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingWorry About It191
Spring 2019AprilBlackbird PizzaOld Town Road188
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyMultiple Scoregasms187
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomYikes!187
Spring 2019AprilNo Fun BarCaptain Geech185
Spring 2019AprilBlackbird PizzaThe Oh-Darlings184
Spring 2019AprilAlberta Street PubCold Snacks182
Spring 2019AprilNo Fun BarBetter Late Than Never182
Spring 2019AprilBaby Doll PizzaCheeseus Crust180
Spring 2019AprilBlackbird PizzaJam Jar179
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubDarth Vader Ginsberg176
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubSturm and Drang176
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomI Just Want To Say I’m Really Into Anal176
Spring 2019AprilSchilling Cider HouseThe Usuals175
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomI Love Erosion175
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomGrundle Snatchers175
Spring 2019AprilNo Fun BarTeam 3172
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubBday Bitches169
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomThe Evan167
Spring 2019AprilSchilling Cider HouseThe Browns are Backers166
Spring 2019AprilThe Side DoorLiterally Anything165
Spring 2019AprilBlackbird PizzaHoney-Nut Queerios164
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubDingle and Darlings164
Spring 2019AprilThere Be MonstersKombucha Moms164
Spring 2019AprilNo Fun BarDrew’s Hairpiece162
Spring 2019AprilNo Fun BarFlorence Fightin’ Gales161
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight Room7257159
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingTwo Chicks158
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubSet It and Forget It157
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomPoa-Poa157
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomMuttley Crew156
Spring 2019AprilChurchSad Girls155
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyPortland Cougs154
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubIvon the Terrible154
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubLinkin Park After Dark152
Spring 2019AprilBlackbird PizzaPizza Rat150
Spring 2019AprilChurchellie miss mills148
Spring 2019AprilBlackbird PizzaIt Was This or LEGOS147
Spring 2019AprilThe Side DoorOn a Whim144
Spring 2019AprilThere Be MonstersStan Grossman144
Spring 2019AprilAlberta Street PubPrincess Aurora Borealis143
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyMy Hands Are Bananas143
Spring 2019AprilNo Fun BarThe No Shows139
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's Landing40 is the new 20138
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingOur Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem138
Spring 2019AprilBaby Doll PizzaCostanzas136
Spring 2019AprilBaby Doll PizzaLil Smokies135
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubPlaid Platitues135
Spring 2019AprilChurchBabes 4 Days134
Spring 2019AprilAlberta Street PubLa Brouette Enchente133
Spring 2019AprilSchilling Cider HouseHot Tots133
Spring 2019AprilChurch#poundsign130
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingBoo Radley130
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomDisaster Club129
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomFive Fingers Thick128
Spring 2019AprilSchilling Cider HouseHouse of Shradar127
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomWe’re Here for the Game127
Spring 2019AprilSchilling Cider HouseThe Shermettes126
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingSara125
Spring 2019AprilChurchTrades Maids124
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubThe Usuals122
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomBrenmommy121
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubR,S,T,L,N,E119
Spring 2019AprilSchilling Cider HouseFunemployed116
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubApple Juice112
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubMultiple Scoregasms110
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubDingles and Darlins109
Spring 2019AprilChurchBeauslo104
Spring 2019AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingBeers, Beets, Battlestar Galactica100
Spring 2019AprilChurchSoleil all day99
Spring 2019AprilBaby Doll PizzaThis Deuce is Wild98
Spring 2019AprilThe Side DoorDrop Dead Gourdgeous96
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomSure That Sounds Right95
Spring 2019AprilChurchTeam Dexter93
Spring 2019AprilSchilling Cider HouseJoisey85
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubColt 75 John Calhoun76
Spring 2019AprilThe Twilight RoomWe Thought This Was Speed Dating76
Spring 2019AprilSchilling Cider HouseBreak Bread PDX74
Spring 2019AprilBaby Doll PizzaBuddhistic Nihilists in concert69
Spring 2019AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyNut Butta66
Spring 2019AprilSchilling Cider HouseSuper Fuller46
Spring 2019AprilChurchThe black cats45
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubSelina Meyer for President37
Spring 2019AprilThe Toffee ClubThe Big Richards27
Spring 2019AprilChurchDirty whores10