Trivia Season Trivia Month Venue Team Total Points
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubDouble Pubble575
Summer 2019AugustAlberta Street PubCold Snacks555
Summer 2019AugustSchilling Cider HouseUnstable Unicorns552
Summer 2019AugustAlberta Street PubMidsummer nights Screams510
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingGetting Quizzy With It493
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingQuizlamic State443
Summer 2019AugustThe Twilight RoomNot Sure440
Summer 2019AugustNo Fun BarLombard Contingent438
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingLet’s Get Quizzical423
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingRealistic Expectations409
Summer 2019AugustBlackbird PizzaVegan Vengeance404
Summer 2019AugustThe Twilight RoomPuns N’ Roses396
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingGoat Fox393
Summer 2019AugustBaby Doll PizzaNothing Matters388
Summer 2019AugustChurchziff388
Summer 2019AugustThe Twilight RoomRHB388
Summer 2019AugustChurchNo friends384
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubTentative Learners380
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingQuiztina Aguilera345
Summer 2019AugustNo Fun BarHand Models Seeking Hand Jobs316
Summer 2019AugustChurchscooter squad313.5
Summer 2019AugustSchilling Cider HouseVince Gill is not bad303
Summer 2019AugustNo Fun BarPerturbed Pigeons280
Summer 2019AugustNo Fun BarComing In Hot276
Summer 2019AugustNo Fun BarWho Wants to be a Pubichaire267
Summer 2019AugustAlberta Street PubSocks N Crocs266
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubChristine Sinclair261
Summer 2019AugustChurchsherpas250
Summer 2019AugustNo Fun BarThe Rub and Pugs250
Summer 2019AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanyMom’s Biggest Backseat Regret243
Summer 2019AugustSchilling Cider HouseFlying Buttresses240
Summer 2019AugustAlberta Street PubSandy River Sluts239
Summer 2019AugustSecond Place236
Summer 2019AugustKombucha Moms232
Summer 2019AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanyDrinking Caps231
Summer 2019AugustThe Twilight RoomSomething Unassumingly Raunchy231
Summer 2019AugustPresbyterian Lannisters229
Summer 2019AugustThere Be MonstersPresbiTyrion Lannisters228
Summer 2019AugustThere Be MonstersArya’s Sideboob219
Summer 2019AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanyNext Week’s Winners216
Summer 2019AugustThe Twilight RoomGarbage Juice216
Summer 2019AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanyWrangler Butts Drive Me Nuts213
Summer 2019AugustThere Be MonstersPaul Walker Drifted Me Heaven211
Summer 2019AugustBlackbird PizzaThe Italian Candymen210
Summer 2019AugustSchilling Cider HouseJEMM209
Summer 2019AugustChemical Lemon207
Summer 2019AugustArya’s Sideboob206
Summer 2019AugustThe Twilight RoomAltogether Separate206
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingWhy Go Hard When You Can Go Home204
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubHappy Otters204
Summer 2019AugustBaby Doll PizzaDouble Pubble203
Summer 2019AugustAlberta Street Pub#occupyyourmom194
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingSweep The Leg, Johnny193
Summer 2019AugustThe Wet Dream Catchers192
Summer 2019AugustBlackbird PizzaBananaphone189
Summer 2019AugustBlackbird PizzaTeam Name Pending188
Summer 2019AugustBaby Doll PizzaCheesus Crust187
Summer 2019AugustChurchrich bitches187
Summer 2019AugustNo Fun BarCircle Cat184
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubJust Some People184
Summer 2019AugustBlackbird PizzaIt’s Wednesday, My Dude!183
Summer 2019AugustBaby Doll PizzaFeely Beavers180
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingThe Neighbors 2.0179
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubKitty Cat175
Summer 2019AugustThe Twilight RoomGrundle Snatchers175
Summer 2019AugustChurchlil sebastians angels173
Summer 2019AugustAlberta Street PubFartpigs172
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubLost and Found172
Summer 2019AugustBaby Doll PizzaThe Bulldogs170
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingInquizative Idiots170
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubWe got Cows!168
Summer 2019AugustSchilling Cider HouseThe Road to Condorado166
Summer 2019AugustThe Twilight Room5 Fingers Thicc166
Summer 2019AugustBlackbird PizzaTeam Canada165
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingYou Seen My Fucking Cones165
Summer 2019AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanyAnti-Prohibition164
Summer 2019AugustBaby Doll PizzaPizza the Hut163
Summer 2019AugustBlackbird PizzaPWC163
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubBradley’s Angels163
Summer 2019AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanyThe Pepperjacks160
Summer 2019AugustThere Be MonstersMushy Peas159
Summer 2019AugustThe Twilight RoomDown the Block157
Summer 2019AugustThe Twilight RoomTotal Eclipse of the Shart149
Summer 2019AugustNo Fun BarBOB HAD BITCH TITS147
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubThe Skeeters146
Summer 2019AugustChurchsolo145
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubActrivia145
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubBoobs and Darren145
Summer 2019AugustThe Twilight RoomSteve145
Summer 2019AugustThe Reigning Losers143
Summer 2019AugustChurchrich bitches and billy143
Summer 2019AugustSchilling Cider HouseCranky Franky142
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubBlizzard Badass140
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingThe Tapbacks with John Mark136
Summer 2019AugustSchilling Cider HouseThe Nick Carbonis136
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingThe Sisters134
Summer 2019AugustSchilling Cider HouseOne Third Ginger134
Summer 2019AugustSchilling Cider HouseCrowster134
Summer 2019AugustBlackbird PizzaBaby Brigade127
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingFetal Unicorn127
Summer 2019AugustChurchthe fungus room126
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingNext Week’s Winners120
Summer 2019AugustBaby Doll PizzaTim & Sarah118
Summer 2019AugustBlackbird PizzaTurnip Tavern113
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubUncle Avuncular108
Summer 2019AugustNo Fun BarLil Amperzand105
Summer 2019AugustBlackbird PizzaTed Bundy’s Dufflebag103
Summer 2019AugustThe Twilight RoomBeer in the Headlights99
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubUr Mom95
Summer 2019AugustBaby Doll PizzaSpousal Support Unit90
Summer 2019AugustBlackbird PizzaRa Ra Ra Boo!90
Summer 2019AugustSchilling Cider HouseThe Loneliest Number89
Summer 2019AugustBaby Doll PizzaGarlic Knot Thots85
Summer 2019AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanyMore Hops for the Ounce78
Summer 2019AugustChurchthe pot travel and video games58
Summer 2019AugustSchilling Cider HouseM+P58
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingWe’re Just Two and We Don’t Know Anything56
Summer 2019AugustChurchsorry50
Summer 2019AugustBaby Doll PizzaGruesome Twosome45
Summer 2019AugustJolly Roger at John's Landing3’s a Party44
Summer 2019AugustChurchlove39
Summer 2019AugustChurchlate bloomers37
Summer 2019AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanyTony T30
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubMedelin Cartel Gabe22
Summer 2019AugustThe Toffee ClubSunnyside8
Summer 2019AugustChurchstepmoms garage3
Summer 2019AugustChurchMinnesota moose