Trivia Season Trivia Month Venue Team Total Points
Fall 2018OctoberThe Twilight RoomThe Neighbors 2640
Fall 2018OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingGettin’ Quizzy With It535
Fall 2018OctoberAlberta Street Pubmanifort destiny522
Fall 2018OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingRealistic Expectations505
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird PizzaVegan Vengence456
Fall 2018OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyPansexual Chocolate423
Fall 2018OctoberThe Side DoorMBBR400
Fall 2018OctoberThe Toffee ClubUncle Avuncular396
Fall 2018OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingThe Neighbors371
Fall 2018OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyRude Crude and Socially Unacceptable370
Fall 2018OctoberPop TavernJust Some People369
Fall 2018OctoberThe Side DoorMurderinos357
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird PizzaNanook 2.0355
Fall 2018OctoberPop TavernHard Biscuit325
Fall 2018OctoberPop TavernGet Trekked324
Fall 2018OctoberThe Twilight RoomNot Sure317
Fall 2018OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyStruggle Bus294
Fall 2018OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingTitanic Swim Team291
Fall 2018OctoberNo Fun BarGHB286
Fall 2018OctoberPop TavernCaptain Crunch286
Fall 2018OctoberSchilling Cider HouseI Drink and I know Things280
Fall 2018OctoberAlberta Street Pubmargarita mode272
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird PizzaTom Sucks272
Fall 2018OctoberThe Toffee ClubHomogeniuses250
Fall 2018OctoberAlberta Street PubDetective frank Snoodle246
Fall 2018OctoberThe Twilight RoomBrendaddy231
Fall 2018OctoberChurchThe Kitten Lizards224
Fall 2018OctoberThe Toffee ClubThe Honey Badgers218
Fall 2018OctoberNo Fun BarMillets and Billets216
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird PizzaFantastical Beats and How to Grind Them211
Fall 2018OctoberThe Toffee ClubLos Libras211
Fall 2018OctoberThere Be MonstersHot Italian Sausage206
Fall 2018OctoberThere Be MonstersPresbytirian Lannisters206
Fall 2018OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyCombat Wombats205
Fall 2018OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyAlexander Sucks (but in a good way?)204
Fall 2018OctoberBaby Doll PizzaRural Jurors200
Fall 2018OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingGarage Niche200
Fall 2018OctoberSchilling Cider HouseBed, Bath, and Beyonce198
Fall 2018OctoberAlberta Street PubBrett it’s rude to Boof in public197
Fall 2018OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyThe Quizzard of Oz197
Fall 2018OctoberThe Twilight RoomTeam Name191
Fall 2018OctoberAlberta Street Pubcold snack snack in action190
Fall 2018OctoberNo Fun BarChasing Waterfalls190
Fall 2018OctoberChurchLadder Day Taints189
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird PizzaI’m Not Like Other Chads188
Fall 2018OctoberSchilling Cider HouseThe JV Team187
Fall 2018OctoberAlberta Street PubBenaydryl cumcaberbatch183
Fall 2018OctoberSchilling Cider HouseOscar Meyer Winners183
Fall 2018OctoberChurchCan I get an Amen181
Fall 2018OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyThe Pepperjacks178
Fall 2018OctoberThe Toffee ClubChaos Muppets178
Fall 2018OctoberChurchTeam Ripper177
Fall 2018OctoberSchilling Cider HouseTeam Nighthawks177
Fall 2018OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyThe Meerkats176
Fall 2018OctoberAlberta Street Pubproblem addicts175
Fall 2018OctoberAlberta Street PubThe Goobies174
Fall 2018OctoberAlberta Street PubVan Life172
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird PizzaEleventh Hour172
Fall 2018OctoberThe Side DoorGlitter Sparkle Ponies172
Fall 2018OctoberThe Toffee ClubThe Morning After Pilsner172
Fall 2018OctoberThe Toffee ClubIt’s Wednesday, My Dudes172
Fall 2018OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyGo Nuts168
Fall 2018OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingMixed Company167
Fall 2018OctoberBaby Doll PizzaPizza Pals166
Fall 2018OctoberThe Side DoorWater-GAY-te166
Fall 2018OctoberPop TavernCaptain Geech and the Shrimp Shake Shooters164
Fall 2018OctoberNo Fun BarWe Like Trees163
Fall 2018OctoberThe Toffee ClubThat’s Number Wan162
Fall 2018OctoberAlberta Street Pubwhispering dads159
Fall 2018OctoberChurchTrivia Newton John159
Fall 2018OctoberThe Toffee ClubThe Order of the Remix159
Fall 2018OctoberThere Be MonstersStrangers with Candy159
Fall 2018OctoberCoalition BrewingAlice in Responsibility Land158
Fall 2018OctoberSchilling Cider HouseMaple Avenue155
Fall 2018OctoberSchilling Cider HouseThe Shy Buff Shia Labeouf Buffs154
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird PizzaOH HAI MARK153
Fall 2018OctoberAlberta Street PubFriends of the road148
Fall 2018OctoberAlberta Street PubEN Ron144
Fall 2018OctoberThe Toffee ClubThe Barn Burners144
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird PizzaOne142
Fall 2018OctoberThe Twilight RoomFries, Tots, or Salad141
Fall 2018OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingTip Your Server140
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird Pizzapwc139
Fall 2018OctoberThe Side DoorHOney Nut Queerios139
Fall 2018OctoberCoalition BrewingUpstream Salmons137
Fall 2018OctoberChurchCome From Behind136
Fall 2018OctoberCoalition BrewingTeamy McTeam Face136
Fall 2018OctoberSchilling Cider HouseThe Cat Moms134
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird PizzaBrandon And Friends133
Fall 2018OctoberSchilling Cider HouseThe Flaming Tricycles133
Fall 2018OctoberSchilling Cider HouseThe Corvids132
Fall 2018OctoberThe Toffee ClubScrew-Top Wine131
Fall 2018OctoberThe Twilight RoomOld Fart, Young Tart131
Fall 2018OctoberSchilling Cider HouseLost Boys130
Fall 2018OctoberCoalition Brewing2 Girls, One Snack128
Fall 2018OctoberCoalition BrewingWalter128
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird PizzaSpace Wolf127
Fall 2018OctoberNo Fun BarBurgle Your Turts127
Fall 2018OctoberNo Fun BarThe BRATITAS125
Fall 2018OctoberChurchKiss my Wormhole124
Fall 2018OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingCatcher In The Rye124
Fall 2018OctoberThe Side DoorLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers124
Fall 2018OctoberCoalition BrewingFairbanks Folks123
Fall 2018OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingThree Coaches and a Captain123
Fall 2018OctoberSchilling Cider HouseThe Titanic Swim Team122
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird PizzaBuick Lesabre120
Fall 2018OctoberNo Fun BarSelf Pleasure120
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird PizzaThe Zingbots119
Fall 2018OctoberAlberta Street Pubmilk steak118
Fall 2018OctoberNo Fun BarHit It and Quidditch117
Fall 2018OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingOn a Mission without Permission115
Fall 2018OctoberAlberta Street Pubsnakey fish113
Fall 2018OctoberAlberta Street Pubthe milllers109
Fall 2018OctoberSchilling Cider HouseBDU105
Fall 2018OctoberChurchElijah Craig is my teammate100
Fall 2018OctoberChurchYou’re a Quizzard Harry97
Fall 2018OctoberThe Toffee ClubThe Diddle Dangle Doodles96
Fall 2018OctoberThe Twilight Room50 Shades of Grey Matter94
Fall 2018OctoberThe Twilight RoomFiskey Biznez83
Fall 2018OctoberThe Twilight RoomTNT82
Fall 2018OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingHoosier Daddy76
Fall 2018OctoberThe Side DoorPillowpants75
Fall 2018OctoberCoalition BrewingAlebrijes72
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird PizzaHump Day hangover70
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird PizzaTurnip Tavern69
Fall 2018OctoberBlackbird PizzaTeam Price29