Trivia Season Trivia Month Venue Team Total Points
Summer 2018AugustThe Twilight RoomNeighbors 2: The Quickening630
Summer 2018AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingThe Neighbors576
Summer 2018AugustSchilling Cider HouseTeam GMO487
Summer 2018AugustAlberta Street Pubdark and stormy Monday481
Summer 2018AugustColumbia River Brewing Co.That’s Not My Name470
Summer 2018AugustThere Be MonstersPresbiTyrion Lannisters462
Summer 2018AugustNo Fun BarGo Home Drunk You are Trivia455
Summer 2018AugustAlberta Street Pubmargareita mode450
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaVegan Vengence433
Summer 2018AugustPop TavernGet Trekked422
Summer 2018AugustSchilling Cider HouseThe Oscar Meyer Winners417
Summer 2018AugustBaby Doll PizzaCostanzas413
Summer 2018AugustThe StationMad Max Minions408
Summer 2018AugustPainted Saints (chapel hill)Vag of Honor396
Summer 2018AugustThe Twilight RoomNot Sure370
Summer 2018AugustNo Fun BarSherlock Gnomes363
Summer 2018AugustThe Side DoorWayward Queers361
Summer 2018AugustCoalition BrewingPit-Stop360
Summer 2018AugustNo Fun BarGrazing the Bar342
Summer 2018AugustThe StationThe Drinking Caps337
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaScleem Team331
Summer 2018AugustThe StationCaptain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters330
Summer 2018AugustColumbia River Brewing Co.Fred317
Summer 2018AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanyThe Honeybears308
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaThe Dundees303
Summer 2018AugustThere Be MonstersSuper-Sized Sriracha300
Summer 2018AugustPainted Saints (chapel hill)The Bourne Colonoscopy292
Summer 2018AugustThe Side DoorHOney Nut Queerios277
Summer 2018AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanyKawaii no Sensei dba Alexander Sucks Pepperjacks262
Summer 2018AugustChurchKiss my Wormhole258
Summer 2018AugustThere Be MonstersSwangin and Bangin257
Summer 2018AugustSchilling Cider HouseOld and Saggy252
Summer 2018AugustSchilling Cider HouseBed, Bath, and Beyonce251
Summer 2018AugustPop TavernCaptain Crunch250
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaRock Your Body249
Summer 2018AugustThe Side DoorTears for Queers249
Summer 2018AugustCoalition BrewingNanook 3.0236
Summer 2018AugustChurchNick-squared229
Summer 2018AugustSchilling Cider House#notallRussians228
Summer 2018AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingRealistic Expectation226
Summer 2018AugustAlberta Street Pubdismemerbilia225
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaGary222
Summer 2018AugustSchilling Cider HouseCrack, Sweat, Nash & Young222
Summer 2018AugustThe StationWe used to be “Just some people” but now we are not; New name to Follow221
Summer 2018AugustAlberta Street Pubcold snack snack in action217
Summer 2018AugustThe StationMicky Mouthfield216
Summer 2018AugustThe Twilight RoomBrendaddy214
Summer 2018AugustNo Fun BarThe Steveless Stevettes213
Summer 2018AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingFake Trivia211
Summer 2018AugustBaby Doll PizzaPerseverence207
Summer 2018AugustAlberta Street Pubchinchillin204
Summer 2018AugustBaby Doll PizzaEquipo Obvio202
Summer 2018AugustCoalition BrewingSteven Hawking’s School of Dance202
Summer 2018AugustThe Side DoorMurderinos199
Summer 2018AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingThe Cold Geese198
Summer 2018AugustAlberta Street Pubyour uncle196
Summer 2018AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingMurder Swans196
Summer 2018AugustThe Toffee ClubCold Snacks Summer Shandy196
Summer 2018AugustBaby Doll PizzaThe Plump Pandas195
Summer 2018AugustThe Toffee ClubUncle Avuncular187
Summer 2018AugustColumbia River Brewing Co.Team Bar185
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaChen Bots183
Summer 2018AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanyRude, Crude, and Socially Unacceptable183
Summer 2018AugustPop TavernBelmont Sunset Riders183
Summer 2018AugustThere Be MonstersTeam Pastrami Paspicality179
Summer 2018AugustCoalition BrewingFlock of Steven Segals178
Summer 2018AugustPainted Saints (chapel hill)My Couch Pulls Out But I Don’t178
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaBrandon and Friends177
Summer 2018AugustThe Twilight RoomPoler Opposites177
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaNanook: The College Years176
Summer 2018AugustCoalition BrewingDr. Howiefeltersnatch171
Summer 2018AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanySatan and Rodeo169
Summer 2018AugustSchilling Cider HouseTwo Girls, One Quiz167
Summer 2018AugustCoalition BrewingSave the Bees166
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaJam Jar165
Summer 2018AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingTitanic Swim Team165
Summer 2018AugustCoalition BrewingTeam Meep164
Summer 2018AugustNo Fun BarPatsacks 69164
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaHaglund, Haglund, Haglund, and Haglund163
Summer 2018AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanyIced Dogwood162
Summer 2018AugustThe StationGolden Goddess162
Summer 2018AugustCoalition BrewingScranton Stranglers160
Summer 2018AugustColumbia River Brewing Co.No Friends160
Summer 2018AugustThe Side DoorGlitter Sparkle Ponies159
Summer 2018AugustThe StationBenson is A Dog159
Summer 2018AugustSchilling Cider HouseStruggle Bus157
Summer 2018AugustBaby Doll PizzaJust Me154
Summer 2018AugustBaby Doll PizzaThe Lone Deranger153
Summer 2018AugustThe Side DoorWe Thought This was a Key Party153
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaMurderinos150
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaThe Sharks150
Summer 2018AugustColumbia River Brewing Co.Butt Chuggers148.5
Summer 2018AugustPainted Saints (chapel hill)Hangry Homos147
Summer 2018AugustThe Twilight RoomThe Motel146
Summer 2018AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanySkipper McNips145
Summer 2018AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingBeauslo (bow’s low)145
Summer 2018AugustAlberta Street Pubthe B squad144
Summer 2018AugustColumbia River Brewing Co.Marco Pogo144
Summer 2018AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingFlock of Steven Segals141
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaTeam Name Pending138
Summer 2018AugustAlberta Street Pubfake new if we lose136
Summer 2018AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanySexual Chocolate (Team Quinn)136
Summer 2018AugustThere Be MonstersThe Low Slearners136
Summer 2018AugustThe Twilight RoomMurray and the Barthos135
Summer 2018AugustThe Toffee Club2 Ex Pats131
Summer 2018AugustThere Be MonstersPomegranite Paspicality129
Summer 2018AugustGrixsen Brewing CompanyPrestige Worldwide126
Summer 2018AugustThere Be MonstersJustin Trudeau’s Ass125
Summer 2018AugustThere Be MonstersThe Underwearwolves125
Summer 2018AugustChurchEl Siego124
Summer 2018AugustAlberta Street PubE40123
Summer 2018AugustPainted Saints (chapel hill)The Koozies123
Summer 2018AugustThe Twilight RoomStray Cats119
Summer 2018AugustThere Be MonstersKiller Thigh Life118
Summer 2018AugustThe Twilight RoomPilot Pride116
Summer 2018AugustChurchWait…this isn’t Bible study?115
Summer 2018AugustColumbia River Brewing Co.Abba Zabba113
Summer 2018AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingNext Week’s Winners110
Summer 2018AugustThe Side DoorThe Side Whores108
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaMorgan and the Mangos107
Summer 2018AugustThe Twilight RoomMath R Hard107
Summer 2018AugustChurchF-dog106
Summer 2018AugustThere Be MonstersTeam Wit102
Summer 2018AugustChurchTBD101
Summer 2018AugustNo Fun BarQuantum Disguises100
Summer 2018AugustPainted Saints (chapel hill)Really Good at Trivia100
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaHades Ladies92
Summer 2018AugustThe Twilight RoomDirt Star91
Summer 2018AugustPop TavernHail Satan86
Summer 2018AugustSchilling Cider HouseNot yo Mamas85
Summer 2018AugustThere Be MonstersThreat Level Fishnets82
Summer 2018AugustSchilling Cider HouseThe Webers79
Summer 2018AugustChurchSmitten69
Summer 2018AugustJolly Roger at John's LandingHoosier Baby65
Summer 2018AugustPainted Saints (chapel hill)Crystal Femmes64
Summer 2018AugustChurchThe Hot Salamies63
Summer 2018AugustThe Side DoorOur New Friend63
Summer 2018AugustAlberta Street Pubbukbas56
Summer 2018AugustBlackbird PizzaTurnip Tavern56
Summer 2018AugustCoalition BrewingHens Do43
Summer 2018AugustChurchEli’s Favorites42