Trivia Season Trivia Month Venue Team Total Points
Winter 2018DecemberJolly Roger at John's LandingThe Neighbors324
Winter 2018DecemberBlackbird PizzaVegan Vengeance263
Winter 2018DecemberAlberta Street Pubstormy mondays252
Winter 2018DecemberJolly Roger at John's LandingGettin’ Quizzy With It249
Winter 2018DecemberNo Fun BarCrow T. Robot244
Winter 2018DecemberThe Side DoorHoneynut Queerios243
Winter 2018DecemberThe Twilight RoomNeighbors 2237
Winter 2018DecemberAlberta Street PubMargarita Duty230
Winter 2018DecemberBaby Doll PizzaThe Rural Jurors227
Winter 2018DecemberThe Side DoorOuch Ouch you’re on my hair226
Winter 2018DecemberGrixsen Brewing CompanyWhere Is Everybody?217
Winter 2018DecemberGrixsen Brewing CompanyFancy Ketchup217
Winter 2018DecemberBlackbird PizzaWhat Ever Happened to Lizzie Grubman213
Winter 2018DecemberBlackbird PizzaThe Contigent213
Winter 2018DecemberThe Toffee ClubTentative Learners210
Winter 2018DecemberBaby Doll PizzaTBA209
Winter 2018DecemberNo Fun BarMy Couch Pulls Out But I Don’t205
Winter 2018DecemberBaby Doll PizzaPizza the Hutt204
Winter 2018DecemberBlackbird PizzaThe Tunnel Snakes200
Winter 2018DecemberGrixsen Brewing CompanyCindy’s Erotic Pleasers200
Winter 2018DecemberRae's Lakeview LoungeSlackers195.5
Winter 2018DecemberPop TavernThe Rejects193
Winter 2018DecemberSchilling Cider HouseCool Hair Club193
Winter 2018DecemberThere Be MonstersPresbityrian Lannisters193
Winter 2018DecemberRae's Lakeview LoungeWitty Wankers192.5
Winter 2018DecemberBlackbird PizzaSuzy’s Horse191
Winter 2018DecemberThe Society HotelCoffee and Beer188
Winter 2018DecemberSessionableMmmmoist186
Winter 2018DecemberSessionableTrust the Process186
Winter 2018DecemberJolly Roger at John's LandingRealistic Expectations185
Winter 2018DecemberThe Side DoorAnd you shall know us by the trail of facts185
Winter 2018DecemberBaby Doll PizzaBody Composition Scan182
Winter 2018DecemberJolly Roger at John's LandingBlood, Sweaters, and Tears182
Winter 2018DecemberThe Twilight RoomNot Sure182
Winter 2018DecemberThe Side DoorMurderinos181
Winter 2018DecemberSchilling Cider HouseThe Drinking Caps179
Winter 2018DecemberThere Be MonstersTeam Preserverance178
Winter 2018DecemberJolly Roger at John's LandingLet’s Get Quizzical176
Winter 2018DecemberPop TavernJust Some People173
Winter 2018DecemberPop TavernQuiizy McGuire170
Winter 2018DecemberThere Be MonstersStrangers with Candy169
Winter 2018DecemberNo Fun BarTeam Holidays166
Winter 2018DecemberSchilling Cider HouseThe Midwesternerds166
Winter 2018DecemberSchilling Cider HouseThe Dazzling Stars163
Winter 2018DecemberRae's Lakeview LoungeDumb and Dumber161
Winter 2018DecemberAlberta Street Pub(B.C)159
Winter 2018DecemberSessionableJohn Wayne Gacey’s Clown School159
Winter 2018DecemberSessionableChinchilla158
Winter 2018DecemberGrixsen Brewing CompanyStruggle Bus154
Winter 2018DecemberVendettaSex Ed145
Winter 2018DecemberVendettaBetter Late Than Pregnant140
Winter 2018DecemberSessionableQuizzie McGuire139
Winter 2018DecemberThe Side DoorGourds of War139
Winter 2018DecemberThere Be MonstersOutside in My White Van139
Winter 2018DecemberJolly Roger at John's LandingThe Oneders130
Winter 2018DecemberAlberta Street PubSnaky Fish123
Winter 2018DecemberVendettaThe Seattle Girls123
Winter 2018DecemberAlberta Street PubChinchillin with the lights off122
Winter 2018DecemberSessionableTD2119
Winter 2018DecemberThe Twilight RoomFiskey Biznez119
Winter 2018DecemberThere Be MonstersBroken Social Splene118
Winter 2018DecemberChurchHalf-court115
Winter 2018DecemberPop TavernGet Trekked115
Winter 2018DecemberSessionableWitches Tits110
Winter 2018DecemberThe Toffee ClubDingles & Darlins110
Winter 2018DecemberChurchOnly Reverse Cowgirls get the blues108
Winter 2018DecemberThe Society HotelFreddie Lew Flyers107
Winter 2018DecemberBlackbird PizzaFuture Spa104
Winter 2018DecemberSessionableUrban Meyer’s HR Team101
Winter 2018DecemberThere Be MonstersTiny Tobasco94
Winter 2018DecemberBaby Doll PizzaStandard Definition93
Winter 2018DecemberThe Society HotelHootie and the Grayfish92
Winter 2018DecemberThere Be MonstersBald Red 188
Winter 2018DecemberThe Twilight RoomBrendaddy84
Winter 2018DecemberThe Society HotelBettie Lew Bombers83
Winter 2018DecemberThe Twilight RoomHow did I get here?81
Winter 2018DecemberSessionablePickles63
Winter 2018DecemberJolly Roger at John's LandingMoons over My Hammy54
Winter 2018DecemberJolly Roger at John's LandingTeam Kaydo49
Winter 2018DecemberBaby Doll PizzaStark Perspectives44
Winter 2018DecemberVendettaThe BBQ Babes43