Trivia Season Trivia Month Venue Team Total Points
Winter 2019OctoberAlberta Street PubImpeachment Cobbler835
Winter 2019OctoberThere Be MonstersKombucha Moms766
Winter 2019OctoberAlberta Street Pubcoldsnacks730
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaVegan Vengeance698
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingRealistic Expectations680
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaNothing Matters618
Winter 2019OctoberSchilling Cider HouseUnstable Unicorns618
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomPuns N Roses612
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingLet’s Get Quizzical596
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubChristine Sinclair569
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubTentative Learners559
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubDouble Pubble553
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingQuizlamic State519
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaTBA513
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaKicking and Screaming486
Winter 2019OctoberChurchRich Bitches485.5
Winter 2019OctoberThere Be MonstersPresbityrion Lannisters484
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomWe’re Trying, Jennifer461
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomRHB459
Winter 2019OctoberNo Fun BarComing in Hot458
Winter 2019OctoberSchilling Cider HouseSpooky scary skeletons445
Winter 2019OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyHorse Crimes440
Winter 2019OctoberChurchlil sebastians angels435
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingWhy Go Hard When You Can Go Home?410
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaCheesus Crust407
Winter 2019OctoberThere Be MonstersReigning Losers398
Winter 2019OctoberThere Be MonstersUncles With Benefits391
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomRoger Williams374
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingInquisitive Idiots359
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingYoung, Dumb, and Broke348
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubJust Some People346
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaPizza the Hut334
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarPicolas Cage327
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomNot Sure313
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaThe Fancy Foragers276
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaBananaphone267
Winter 2019OctoberNo Fun BarMacabi Haifa267
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaMaam’s with Haams266
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarMotley Crue266
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingGetting Quizzy With It264
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaPumpkin Spice Girls261
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaThe Italian Candymen254
Winter 2019OctoberNo Fun BarMom’s Biggest Backseat Regret245
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomIPA Lot245
Winter 2019OctoberThere Be MonstersSeal Team 69243
Winter 2019OctoberChurchParty Palz238
Winter 2019OctoberThere Be MonstersMidwestern Mavericks238
Winter 2019OctoberSchilling Cider HouseTriangles are the strongest shape234
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarTeam Aloha231
Winter 2019OctoberSchilling Cider HouseThe Big O’s230
Winter 2019OctoberThere Be MonstersPew Pew Pew Splagoosh230
Winter 2019OctoberNo Fun BarLombard Contingent225
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaMeatwad224
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingTeam Name Censored By the Chinese Government217
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubThrees a Crowd214
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubGreat Job, Oh Wow!213
Winter 2019OctoberNo Fun BarLove Feelings Only205
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaOne Darth Short of a Ginsberg204
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingVote for Phil203
Winter 2019OctoberSchilling Cider HouseHomeland Honkers203
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarIt’s the Twinners Birthday203
Winter 2019OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyBrussels Lil sprouts202
Winter 2019OctoberThere Be MonstersChinchillin with the lights off199
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaHot 4 Teacher198
Winter 2019OctoberSchilling Cider HouseEwoks198
Winter 2019OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyStruggle Bus197
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaA Tale of Two Titties196
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaI’m Trying Jennifer!194
Winter 2019OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyNext Weeks Winners192
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarTaking Back Trivia192
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaHoney Nut Queerios190
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaBack of the House190
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaMagic Fool-Bus189
Winter 2019OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyLos Es Spookys189
Winter 2019OctoberNo Fun BarLombard188
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarTrash Pandas188
Winter 2019OctoberThere Be MonstersSmall Beans187
Winter 2019OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyNext Week’s Winners186
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubBicurious George186
Winter 2019OctoberThere Be MonstersBrain Sauce186
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubGodzilla 2K185
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingTaiwain #1184
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingGoat Fox183
Winter 2019OctoberThere Be MonstersTeam Appa183
Winter 2019OctoberSchilling Cider HouseCar Snacks182
Winter 2019OctoberNo Fun BarBand Dudes181
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubDingles n Darlins Reunion Tour181
Winter 2019OctoberThere Be MonstersAc & the sunshine boys181
Winter 2019OctoberAlberta Street PubEven Lower Expectations180
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubDawn Patrol178
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubSportballers178
Winter 2019OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyRude, Crude, and Socially Unacceptable171
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomLyons171
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarPhilosoraptors170
Winter 2019OctoberChurchteam ripper169
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingJames and the Giant Impeach169
Winter 2019OctoberSchilling Cider HouseSlut XL164
Winter 2019OctoberAlberta Street PubDirty Donut Holes163
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaBack of the House (BOH)162
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaThe Spice Boys162
Winter 2019OctoberSchilling Cider HouseNetflix and Schill162
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubJust Some Fucking People162
Winter 2019OctoberSchilling Cider HouseThe Kumquats161
Winter 2019OctoberSchilling Cider HouseLet’s get drunk and have mexico pay for it.160
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarSchrodinger’s Cat’s Pajamas160
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubHead Bangers160
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubFows a Party160
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarThe B $ Ballers159
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaThe Bulldogs158
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingWDK155
Winter 2019OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyMandatory Fun154
Winter 2019OctoberSchilling Cider HouseThe Roeblings154
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaVery Stable Geniuses152
Winter 2019OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyJoggers of the American Revolution152
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingNext Week’s Winners151
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaMiller Time150
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaItalian Candymen150
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubDancing in the Sheets149
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaPWC145
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomAround the Corner143
Winter 2019OctoberNo Fun BarThe Popsicle Illusion142
Winter 2019OctoberAlberta Street PubLow Expectations141
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaBinars141
Winter 2019OctoberChurchseahorse divorce141
Winter 2019OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyBrookwood Germilins140
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomSACK140
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubActrivia138
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomRush Hour138
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomFive Fingers Thicc138
Winter 2019OctoberSchilling Cider HouseDavid S. Pumpkins137
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarSimmering Toilet131
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarThe Foxes129
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingTurd Ferguson128
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomRyan!128
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaAntiSocial Social Club127
Winter 2019OctoberChurchEric has Rabies126
Winter 2019OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyTeam Cobalt123
Winter 2019OctoberNo Fun BarBaby Brigade122
Winter 2019OctoberAlberta Street PubTeam Cake Doguh119
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarDuelists119
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomBeyonce’s Left Butt Cheek119
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomChown114
Winter 2019OctoberThere Be MonstersTequilla Mockingbird113
Winter 2019OctoberChurchChoppa112
Winter 2019OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyThe Last Brain Cell111
Winter 2019OctoberSchilling Cider HouseLos Es Spookies111
Winter 2019OctoberThere Be MonstersLatecomers110
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomTy’gers109
Winter 2019OctoberChurchthe father the son and the holy beyance107
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomTy’grs’106
Winter 2019OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyAirport Workers102
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubMike-Mike-Mike102
Winter 2019OctoberAlberta Street PubYeasty Boys100
Winter 2019OctoberChurchSolo99
Winter 2019OctoberChurchgarbage trolls98
Winter 2019OctoberNo Fun BarKylux Deluxe98
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaThe Coy Koi96
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarTurd Ferguson96
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomBanana Hammocks94
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaTeam Fruitloop!92
Winter 2019OctoberChurchMacho Nacho92
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarDK92
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaBuck’n Broncs91
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarCerberus89
Winter 2019OctoberChurchPUMPKIN EATERS80
Winter 2019OctoberSchilling Cider HouseMP squared80
Winter 2019OctoberAlberta Street PubTable 4 One78
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaWalter’s Moms78
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarTeam Beaver76
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubHOT sauce on my Burrito76
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubThe Juggalos Wop Wop76
Winter 2019OctoberChurchthe algebra committee75
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomBrendaddy74
Winter 2019OctoberSenet Board Game BarBed Bath and Beyonce69
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubOh Fuck!!!69
Winter 2019OctoberChurchscissorfest ’7968
Winter 2019OctoberChurchQuizzie McGuire62
Winter 2019OctoberThe Toffee ClubWhiskey Business62
Winter 2019OctoberChurchgedivas55
Winter 2019OctoberChurchTeam Cheese52
Winter 2019OctoberChurchSpookie Squad52
Winter 2019OctoberJolly Roger at John's LandingPre Malone51
Winter 2019OctoberBlackbird PizzaAussie Aussie Yankee43
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaTeam Name42
Winter 2019OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanySticky Bunz40
Winter 2019OctoberThe Twilight RoomWinos38
Winter 2019OctoberChurchmr squeak30
Winter 2019OctoberBaby Doll PizzaThe Cat Bandits29
Winter 2019OctoberChurchBad at Trivia22
Winter 2019OctoberGrixsen Brewing CompanyThe Renfernos21
Winter 2019OctoberAlberta Street Pubteeth/teacher14