Trivia Season Trivia Month Venue Team Total Points
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingThe Neighbors623
Spring 2018AprilThe Twilight RoomMighty Cucks597
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingGetting Quizzy With It561
Spring 2018AprilThe StationJust Some People547
Spring 2018AprilThere Be MonstersPresbiTyrion Lannisters496
Spring 2018AprilAlberta Street Pubstormy mondays493
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird PizzaNanook 2.0487
Spring 2018AprilCrush BarMom’s Biggest Backseat Regret482
Spring 2018AprilG-Man Sports BarMargarita Mode481
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingCool Geese472
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird Pizzathe contingent459
Spring 2018AprilCrush BarAt Least We Are Pretty454
Spring 2018AprilBaby Doll PizzaThe Replicants452
Spring 2018AprilNo Fun BarGo Home Drunk, You’re Trivia445
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird PizzaVegan Vengence436
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingRealistic Expectations425
Spring 2018AprilG-Man Sports BarGreen Monsters422
Spring 2018AprilCrush BarThe Librarians420
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingBeauslo363
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird Pizza (Interstate)SS Dankworth362
Spring 2018AprilCrush BarTears for Queers362
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird Pizza (Interstate)Put a Blackbird on It355
Spring 2018AprilThere Be MonstersCold Snacks JV354
Spring 2018AprilThe Twilight RoomSaucy Gingersnaps353
Spring 2018AprilThe StationCaptain Geech350
Spring 2018AprilCrush BarKiss My Wormhole324
Spring 2018AprilThere Be MonstersTiny Tobasco324
Spring 2018AprilNo Fun BarGreendale Human Beings316
Spring 2018AprilThere Be MonstersPleasantly Disheveled306
Spring 2018AprilThe Twilight RoomGetting Quizzy With It305
Spring 2018AprilNo Fun BarGrazing The Bar302
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird PizzaEat All The Pizza288
Spring 2018AprilMontavilla StationBuzzkillingtons285
Spring 2018AprilCrush BarFab Four280
Spring 2018AprilNo Fun BarShrimp and White Wine260
Spring 2018AprilThe StationJimmy Dick’s Picks257
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird PizzaPWC249
Spring 2018AprilSchilling Cider HouseTeam GMO244
Spring 2018AprilThe StationEven Higher Voltage242
Spring 2018AprilThe Toffee ClubPoble Noble241
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingThe Empire Did Nothing Wrong237
Spring 2018AprilBaby Doll PizzaTeam Lump231
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird PizzaRocket Steve231
Spring 2018AprilThe Twilight RoomPour House231
Spring 2018AprilAlberta Street Pubchinese filbert tarrif230
Spring 2018AprilAlberta Street Pubchinchilla with the lights off229
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird PizzaVery Stable Geniuses226
Spring 2018AprilSchilling Cider HouseCaptain Simian and the Space Monkeys224
Spring 2018AprilThe Twilight RoomNot Sure222
Spring 2018AprilSchilling Cider HouseMichigan’s Defense219
Spring 2018AprilMontavilla StationNever Nudes218
Spring 2018AprilCC SlaughtersBed, Bath, and Beyonce217
Spring 2018AprilSchilling Cider HouseThree Sheets to the Win210
Spring 2018AprilMontavilla StationPinball Quizards209
Spring 2018AprilThe Twilight RoomTurd Ferguson206
Spring 2018AprilBaby Doll PizzaPocket Lint205
Spring 2018AprilCC SlaughtersHi Hungry, I’m Dad203
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingMurder Swans203
Spring 2018AprilBaby Doll PizzaThe Super Thundzers200
Spring 2018AprilThe Toffee ClubShoregals200
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingWiener Wiener197
Spring 2018AprilAlberta Street Pubteam snowflake194
Spring 2018AprilSchilling Cider HouseTed’s on Time193
Spring 2018AprilThere Be MonstersRG Portland193
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingThe Barbs192
Spring 2018AprilCrush BarHoney Nut Queerios190
Spring 2018AprilCrush BarDoctors companions188
Spring 2018AprilThere Be MonstersFrog Rocket188
Spring 2018AprilThe Toffee ClubVoss Water185
Spring 2018AprilBaby Doll PizzaClarks and Wreckreation183
Spring 2018AprilCC SlaughtersBeards For Fears183
Spring 2018AprilThe StationThere’s Something About Zuckerberg183
Spring 2018AprilMontavilla StationMontavillians174
Spring 2018AprilG-Man Sports BarJay Johnson’s Jay Johnson173
Spring 2018AprilBaby Doll PizzaThe Turtlenecks170
Spring 2018AprilSchilling Cider HouseThe Team You’re Beating165
Spring 2018AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyDingo Bingos164
Spring 2018AprilNo Fun BarSleeping With Seitan164
Spring 2018AprilThere Be MonstersStan Grossman164
Spring 2018AprilMontavilla StationJeat Jet162
Spring 2018AprilG-Man Sports BarCode Blue161
Spring 2018AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyTeam Bluebaru160
Spring 2018AprilThe Sports PageGrinding Nemo159
Spring 2018AprilThe Toffee ClubWhere is Everyone?159
Spring 2018AprilThe StationPlaid Is Rad157
Spring 2018AprilThe Twilight RoomScott’s Tots157
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird PizzaString Cheese Slap156
Spring 2018AprilThere Be MonstersSwangin’ and Bangin’156
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird Pizza (Interstate)Team 23152
Spring 2018AprilG-Man Sports BarThe Raiders (no affiliation w/ Oakland)152
Spring 2018AprilMontavilla StationVatnik Crushers152
Spring 2018AprilNo Fun BarRobot Unicorn Attack152
Spring 2018AprilThe Sports PagePanic Anywhere but the Disco152
Spring 2018AprilThe StationDeuce Bigalow – Pet Detective152
Spring 2018AprilThe Toffee ClubJonses152
Spring 2018AprilCC SlaughtersSallz151
Spring 2018AprilThe Sports PageTitanic Swim Team151
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingThe Big One150
Spring 2018AprilThe Toffee ClubThe Hardest Question147
Spring 2018AprilCrush BarDildos for Dollars144
Spring 2018AprilSchilling Cider HouseThe Trash Pandas141
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird PizzaSnooch140
Spring 2018AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyTimon’s Pumbaa140
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingJust The Tip137
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingBeer Tap Dat Ass135
Spring 2018AprilBaby Doll PizzaICU81MI134
Spring 2018AprilBaby Doll PizzaATLs132
Spring 2018AprilMontavilla StationJohn Mayer131
Spring 2018AprilThere Be MonstersThe Refugees130
Spring 2018AprilBaby Doll PizzaThe Newcomers128
Spring 2018AprilNo Fun BarExtra Medium127
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird Pizza (Interstate)Methuselah125
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingGo Balls Deep125
Spring 2018AprilSchilling Cider HouseApproximately Accurate123
Spring 2018AprilSchilling Cider HouseBasic Boomerang Baes121
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird Pizza (Interstate)Bee’s Knees120
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingIRMOTT120
Spring 2018AprilCrush BarJazz Hands119
Spring 2018AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyTeam Whoopigoldteeth117
Spring 2018AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyHoney Bears116
Spring 2018AprilSchilling Cider HouseTeam Tee Tee116
Spring 2018AprilNo Fun BarKicking and Screaming115
Spring 2018AprilThe Twilight RoomKelly’s Birthday114
Spring 2018AprilSchilling Cider HouseTeam Trail Magic112
Spring 2018AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyPandora Bear104
Spring 2018AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanyThe Great Moose Detective103
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingPink Lightning103
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingThe Worst103
Spring 2018AprilThe Twilight RoomThe Fungis103
Spring 2018AprilGrixsen Brewing CompanySexy Dance Fighters102
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird PizzaHope we’re not Last101
Spring 2018AprilSchilling Cider HouseTeam Dre98
Spring 2018AprilThe Toffee ClubWhere Are the Men97
Spring 2018AprilG-Man Sports BarKuni95
Spring 2018AprilSchilling Cider HouseTeam Lance87
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingLil Ards85
Spring 2018AprilThe Sports PageBrown Magic84
Spring 2018AprilCrush BarThe Duvallians83
Spring 2018AprilMontavilla StationMuuur83
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingOh Gawd79
Spring 2018AprilThe Toffee ClubCargan75
Spring 2018AprilThe Twilight RoomLate But Not Pregnant72
Spring 2018AprilThere Be MonstersJeff70
Spring 2018AprilBlackbird PizzaTeam Lovebirds66
Spring 2018AprilG-Man Sports BarThe G Spot56
Spring 2018AprilAlberta Street Pubteam donkey kong53
Spring 2018AprilThe OfficeTide One On34
Spring 2018AprilThe OfficeWakanda Forever30
Spring 2018AprilJolly Roger at John's LandingTurd Ferguson27
Spring 2018AprilThe OfficeBarrykuda27
Spring 2018AprilCrush BarMurderinos19
Spring 2018AprilThe OfficeWe Don’t Know19
Spring 2018AprilThe Sports PageCOAST19
Spring 2018AprilThe OfficeAnonymous15
Spring 2018AprilThe OfficeTeam Gutz14