Trivia Season Trivia Month Venue Team Total Points
Summer 2020MarchThere Be MonstersKombucha Moms556
Summer 2020MarchSchilling Cider HouseTater Thots529
Summer 2020MarchAlberta Street PubCamp David Counselors514
Summer 2020MarchAlberta Street PubFeral Wiener Dogs511
Summer 2020MarchThere Be MonstersPresbiTyrion Lannisters497
Summer 2020MarchThe Twilight RoomMommy’s Caboose494
Summer 2020MarchSenet Board Game BarShinies in the Rough478
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubDouble Pubble466
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingRealistic Expectations453
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyDawg and the Bounty Hunters452
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingGoat Fox423
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingLet’s Get Quizzical422
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingWhy Go Hard When You Can Go Home?409
Summer 2020MarchNo Fun BarComing In Hot407
Summer 2020MarchPinky's PizzaMajical Tune407
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingInquizitive Idiots390
Summer 2020MarchThe Twilight RoomSpencer’s Big Mineshaft385
Summer 2020MarchBlackbird PizzaMt Hoodlums372
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyNext Weeks Winners356
Summer 2020MarchSchilling Cider HouseUnstable Unicorns356
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubGrave Expectations346
Summer 2020MarchThe Twilight RoomRona Gang346
Summer 2020MarchBlackbird PizzaHoneynut Queerios341
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyLow Yield332
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyHidden Wieners331
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)Stephen Hawkings School Of Dance309
Summer 2020MarchSenet Board Game BarVillage People308
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyMoist Owlets299
Summer 2020MarchThe Twilight RoomCatch Flights, Not Feelings297
Summer 2020MarchBlackbird PizzaVegan Vengence287
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingGetting Quizzy With It275
Summer 2020MarchNo Fun BarBilly Joel Fan Club273
Summer 2020MarchNo Fun BarAircraft Terrier272
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)We Like Small Mutts And We Can Not Lie271
Summer 2020MarchSchilling Cider HouseScott’s Tots270
Summer 2020MarchBlackbird PizzaCoronalingus268
Summer 2020MarchBlackbird PizzaVegan Vengeance265
Summer 2020MarchNo Fun BarThe Trivia Is Out There264
Summer 2020MarchThe Twilight RoomPuns N Roses260
Summer 2020MarchNo Fun BarMom’s Biggest Backseat Regret253
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger (Southeast)Pinecone and Delicious252
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingRage to find the Vaccine247
Summer 2020MarchChurchLil Sebastian’s Angels245
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)Multiple Scoregasms242
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyLiving DeVito Loca241
Summer 2020MarchSchilling Cider HouseAmy Klobushart my pants240
Summer 2020MarchNo Fun BarMm’s Biggest Backseat Regret239
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)He’s Putin The Fix In239
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger (Southeast)The Clams236
Summer 2020MarchSatellite TavernGrinch236
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)Stephen Hawking School Of Dance236
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingQuaranteam234
Summer 2020MarchThe Twilight RoomTygers232
Summer 2020MarchBaby Ketten KlubTed Dansen Queens229
Summer 2020MarchThe Twilight RoomHonorable Mentions228
Summer 2020MarchSchilling Cider HouseHazzer Hazmatterz227
Summer 2020MarchBaby Ketten KlubCheesus Crust223
Summer 2020MarchSenet Board Game BarSecret Sauced223
Summer 2020MarchBlackbird PizzaElizabeth Warren Peas222
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyClassy Octopus221
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingGin & Topics221
Summer 2020MarchBaby Ketten KlubPandemic at the Disco220
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubTentative Learners218
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingHenry Horror Picture Show216
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)Los Chicorones216
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)Shreks And The City216
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (St. Johns)Lombard Contingent215
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)Surfaces? Sneezes? Sex?213
Summer 2020MarchThe Twilight RoomNot Sure212
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubThe Slippery Otters211
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)Sad About It All210
Summer 2020MarchSenet Board Game BarShut up, Mime!208
Summer 2020MarchPinky's PizzaUnknown Unknowns206
Summer 2020MarchBaby Ketten KlubNaughty by Nurture205
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)Shreks In The City204
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyThe Struggle Bus200
Summer 2020MarchSchilling Cider HouseCranky Franky200
Summer 2020MarchThere Be MonstersMidwestern Mavericks200
Summer 2020MarchSatellite TavernTeam Zebra198
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (St. Johns)Mariachi Night at Chilis198
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingDiscovery Channel197
Summer 2020MarchSenet Board Game BarTap Daddy & Sugar Mama195
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyPutting the Social in Social Distancing194
Summer 2020MarchThere Be MonstersAereola 51194
Summer 2020MarchNo Fun BarFuck Joe Biden192
Summer 2020MarchSchilling Cider HouseYamhill Homies192
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)See You Next Tuesday192
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (St. Johns)C.D.C ecret Agents192
Summer 2020MarchNo Fun BarPerturbed Pigeon s191
Summer 2020MarchSchilling Cider HouseEat Pray Fuck191
Summer 2020MarchBlackbird PizzaThe Italian Candymen190
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubHealthy For Now190
Summer 2020MarchThere Be MonstersStinky Petes190
Summer 2020MarchSenet Board Game BarTP Hoarders189
Summer 2020MarchBaby Doll PizzaThe Buckmanatees188
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyThe Koopalings187
Summer 2020MarchBlackbird PizzaKicking and Screaming186
Summer 2020MarchBaby Doll PizzaDefinitely Not Cannibals185
Summer 2020MarchNo Fun BarThe Beer Nurses185
Summer 2020MarchThere Be MonstersReigning Losers185
Summer 2020MarchPinky's PizzaQuid Pessimum Posse183
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (St. Johns)Sexy Shrimp183
Summer 2020MarchThe Twilight RoomRHB183
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubSippery Otters182
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyShow Me Your Tots179
Summer 2020MarchSchilling Cider HouseLaser Eye Removal179
Summer 2020MarchThere Be MonstersQuarantine Girl Squad178
Summer 2020MarchAlberta Street PubColdsnacks177
Summer 2020MarchBaby Doll PizzaShmoppe177
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanySports are Dead177
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyWe Broke Quarantine for This176
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyQuiz-teama Aguilera176
Summer 2020MarchThere Be MonstersQuint and the Apple-brandy Bootleggers174
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyDo You Like Fishsticks?173
Summer 2020MarchThere Be MonstersAreola 51173
Summer 2020MarchBlackbird PizzaThe Squid Squad172
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyTo Be Determined172
Summer 2020MarchSchilling Cider HouseCornhub172
Summer 2020MarchChurch2 Beyonce’s Fisting170
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubBarrel Boys Are Back In Town169
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger (Southeast)Super BoozeDay167
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingRed Hot Trivia Peppers167
Summer 2020MarchSchilling Cider HouseOdd Ducks167
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)Underbar166
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)Mystery Inc.165
Summer 2020MarchBlackbird PizzaBrickLords164
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger (Southeast)The Lincolns164
Summer 2020MarchPinky's PizzaThe Giraffes163
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubJust Some People163
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingNext Week’s Winners162
Summer 2020MarchChurchDrunk 1+2161
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubWig Snatchers161
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger (Southeast)Booty Gang160
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingThree People One Brain159
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingDude Where’s My Graig?158
Summer 2020MarchBlackbird PizzaNepoleons157
Summer 2020MarchPinky's PizzaThe Three Turtles156
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanySip and Go Naked154
Summer 2020MarchChurchWe’re Not Good At This152
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubKitty Kitty Bang Bang152
Summer 2020MarchAlberta Street PubEbola Was Better150
Summer 2020MarchPinky's PizzaMolly Ringworm150
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyI Didn’t Wash My Hands149
Summer 2020MarchSchilling Cider HouseThe triforce of quizdom146
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingBlood Sweat and Beers145
Summer 2020MarchThe Twilight RoomLow Expectations144
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)Late Comers143
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubPorter’s Parents143
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyTrivianati141
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger (Southeast)The Lodgers140
Summer 2020MarchSenet Board Game BarMasters of Karate139
Summer 2020MarchChurchLittle Sebastian’s Angels138
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyE=mc Hammer138
Summer 2020MarchPinky's PizzaTwo Lonely Drunks136
Summer 2020MarchThere Be MonstersHail Mary136
Summer 2020MarchBlackbird PizzaSquid Squad135
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyMike Rotch135
Summer 2020MarchChurchButt City Garbage Pile134
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (St. Johns)And I Feel Fine133
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyTeam First Timers131
Summer 2020MarchPinky's PizzaFuture Trippers130
Summer 2020MarchNo Fun BarTK129
Summer 2020MarchPinky's PizzaWe thought this was speed dating . . .129
Summer 2020MarchBaby Ketten KlubBacon Date Ketten128
Summer 2020MarchSenet Board Game BarCosmo & Wanda128
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubThird Nipple Twice Removed128
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingTeam Jess127
Summer 2020MarchPinky's PizzaChautauqua Life126
Summer 2020MarchSenet Board Game BarCosmic Encounter126
Summer 2020MarchThe Twilight RoomFive Fingers Thicc125
Summer 2020MarchChurchStop the bus and let my friend Jack off124
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubD’Glester Hardunkichu123
Summer 2020MarchSchilling Cider HouseDisney n thrust120
Summer 2020MarchThe Twilight RoomJan120
Summer 2020MarchSatellite TavernBonnie & Clyde119
Summer 2020MarchSatellite TavernLisa & TT117
Summer 2020MarchThe Twilight Room2 Cool Crew117
Summer 2020MarchBlackbird PizzaAfro Disiac116
Summer 2020MarchThere Be MonstersThe Shuffleboards116
Summer 2020MarchThere Be MonstersPunxsutawney Did It115
Summer 2020MarchSenet Board Game BarTop Pun113
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubWhat the What?!112
Summer 2020MarchSchilling Cider HouseTemple of Artemis111
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubPapr People111
Summer 2020MarchAlberta Street PubCthulu SpaceDogz109
Summer 2020MarchThe Twilight RoomDumb Bitches108
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingRIP NBA105
Summer 2020MarchPinky's PizzaThe Gruesome Twosome104
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)Timbers104
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)The ignorant Sluts101
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)Alternative Facts101
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (St. Johns)Bricky101
Summer 2020MarchBlackbird PizzaTeam Zero100
Summer 2020MarchNo Fun BarHand Models Seeking Hand Jobs100
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger (Southeast)TBD99
Summer 2020MarchSenet Board Game BarCoronavirus with Lyme Disease99
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyThose 294
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (St. Johns)Stormbreak You89
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingWarren Stan88
Summer 2020MarchChurchPurple People Eaters87
Summer 2020MarchBaby Doll PizzaCheesus Crust83
Summer 2020MarchPinky's PizzaT&LV83
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)Sign Language Is Handy83
Summer 2020MarchAlberta Street PubTeam Buttz80
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubBasic Beckys80
Summer 2020MarchSenet Board Game BarThe Jefe’s and Their Mujeres61
Summer 2020MarchThe Toffee ClubThe Speckled Hens60
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger at John's LandingCorndogs58
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (St. Johns)Juicy Lucy55
Summer 2020MarchPinky's PizzaBiden Paid For52
Summer 2020MarchPinky's PizzaDinosaur48
Summer 2020MarchStormBreaker Brewing (Mississippi)Richard!48
Summer 2020MarchJolly Roger (Southeast)You Don’t Know Me41
Summer 2020MarchBlackbird Pizza2 Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place40
Summer 2020MarchSenet Board Game BarBig Dick Energy38
Summer 2020MarchGrixsen Brewing CompanyBidwell Boys35
Summer 2020MarchChurchStable Geniuses33