Trivia Season Trivia Month Venue Team Total Points
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun Barpresbytyrion lannisters1425
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun BarTwo Words1230
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housewhy go hard when u can go home1174
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubCraftonomia1171
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun Bardavid rose city1106
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clubspuds1072
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXOtter Nonsense890
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubMultiverse of Sadness881
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Pubperineum sunners822
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseA Streetcar named Deez Nuts764
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXSpaceballs: The Trivia Team750
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXTeam Isaac741
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubVegan Vengeance718
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza PubBelgian Waffles (Wee-oo)683
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseStop the Munch677
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubNight Cheese666
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubLivin’ Devito Loca665
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clubmighty ducks535
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonUncles with Benefits483
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXPDXXX448
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Houseflash the wonderdog431
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza Pubpizzaboys426
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubMVPooch420
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubThe Ponies (Top Buns)400
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXBUSINESS-SOCKS388
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubPink Sauce333
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housemany thots333
2022 SummerAugustJo's Saloondirty minds329
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXalternative farts328
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonDirty Shirleys306
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseCider, I Hardly Know Her286
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housesmarty pints274
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubCup-o-ccino270
2022 SummerAugustJo's Saloonmargarita positive262
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonLow Expectations259
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubBig Thighs Tiny Shoes257
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Club$10k Bar Tab forgiveness254
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubQuiz Khalifa253
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubThe Picasso of Loneliness253
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubWildcatter249
2022 SummerAugustJo's Saloonbaby back bitches246
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXwhen in doubt guess 3N242
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubRural Juror242
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun Barthe last triviabenders241
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubThree’s a Crowd240
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseTime to BeReal238
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubHarry Potter Thought Police236
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubBuffet on Buffets235
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza Pub2inthePink232
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza PubFufflepuff230
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun BarNick and co.225
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housequizzed my pants224
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseClint & the Squints221
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza Pubdad joes and bad puns220
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Houseteam sebastian220
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXThrees Company220
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza PubGetting Quizzy With It219
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubTrivia Newton John217
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Pubflower budz216
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun Barunicorn birthday party216
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clubthe thot provokers216
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clublinkedin park216
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonDumb Friends League214
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housechicken wings and quiz dings214
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clubman chest hair united214
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubWeekend worriers213
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonDM Backups213
2022 SummerAugustJo's Saloontwats213
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun BarSandwich Girls + Boy213
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubAll Three Passports212
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXcool guys212
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubRIP Orange Line211
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXEuripideez Nuts211
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXjack of all trades210
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubA Streetcar named Deez Nuts210
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun BarTradevia Deadline208
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Houseyoure a quizard harry208
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXnice jewish boys208
2022 SummerAugustJo's Saloongreen chilis207
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXmenace to sobriety206
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubLower Education206
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housepurple eliphants205
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubMendoza Mammaz204
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseCajun Tots204
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housethis space int’ly left blank202
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXR.I.P Choco Taco202
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clubbiscuits n gravy202
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clubwhat is offsides201
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubScary Lary200
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza PubAnd in last place200
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXcome on brain199
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Pubperinium sunners198
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun Bar2 Yanks and the Brit198
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseTravis’s Pepperoni Nips198
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housedry rubs196
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseCrisp and Juicy196
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXtrevors little darlings196
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubJew Crew195
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseA Streetcar named Deez Nutz194
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubScott’s Tots194
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun Barmr jay193
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clubthe human centi-ferret193
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza PubThe Pointer Brothers191
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun Barno fax barr191
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Club2LEGIT!191
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXdiscoveryland 4eva190
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Pubtwo ladies who dis189
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubLil Ronnie189
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseCider, I hardly knew her!188
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXPjs 2: Electric Boogaloo187
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXfleabags187
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXpretige worldwide185
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Pubthis team184
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubTraveling Trivia Troupe184
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubTeamsters Screamsters184
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubLisa Simpson183
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubCrash Bandicoot’s Wallet Chain183
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseEpi Fellas182
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza PubCreature of Rabbit181
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housethe clowns181
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clubtiny gardeners181
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun BarThe Famous Caterpillers180
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housequizzed in my pants178
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubHere for 2nd last178
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clubequardo & co178
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXMostly Wrong Answers174
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubIt Quiz What It Is174
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseNo Sourdough Allowed172
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubDrunk at 4AM172
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Pubdirt boiz171
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseROBYN’S 21!!!171
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXMar-A-Lago Whore-der House170
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubPortland Public Fools169
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseThe Angry Orchards169
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubSmarty Pints167
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonThe Loneliest Number167
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseMany Different Brains166
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubDiChel165
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Pubcheers to 20 years164
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Pubgood intentions paving company161
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun BarAn American Trilogy159
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housemichael’s darlings159
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housethe big nasty team158
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubSilent Aspirations157
2022 SummerAugustThe Aerie at Eagle LandingAerie Fam157
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXOld, Divorced, and Happy157
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubBirds & Geezers157
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housedrink if you’re cheating156
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun BarYour Mother’s Pickle155
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Houselil nasty team155
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Pubyer mums chatchkis154
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza PubWe Just Work Here154
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubGift of the Gabs154
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubThe Rural Juror153
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXWinning 11153
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubGin and Tonic the Hedgehog150
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonRocio’s Biggest Fans148
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseBTW & Company148
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseSuper Heroes In Training147
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housethat’s unfortunate147
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubTD Dream Team147
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubPor Que No Woman No Cry146
2022 SummerAugustThe Aerie at Eagle LandingTeam 3146
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubBoozy Bitches145
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubLow Expectations145
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housebumblebees145
2022 SummerAugustThe Aerie at Eagle Landingoutofbeeragain145
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXunhinged144
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseStubbies142
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseTrivia Newton John142
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXHolly and Josh Do Texas142
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubInternationals Love141
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza Publas 4 preguntas141
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housego sharks140
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubTardy 2 da party140
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housethe creature known as muncher139
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubPoddingtonPeas139
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubCarrie Underwaywood Son137
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubPickle Ricks136
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun Barcool guys135
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXgood vest135
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubFleetwood Mac and Cheese133
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clubtequilamockingbird133
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Pubthe go-go-getters130
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseH&M Inc.130
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXurmomgoestocollege130
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXhorse girls130
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Pubhave you ever quiche lorraine128
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubBarely Awake128
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Houseour smart friends didn’t show128
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubLets Get Quizzical127
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubI like it126
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza PubFor Love or Bunny125
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun Barkates table125
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXIt’s from REI125
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXBECKY G124
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housethree girls and a guy122
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housewheelie bins121
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubRAO Speedwagon119
2022 SummerAugustJo's Saloongertrude119
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clubbeers for fears118
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubThrobinson Crusoes117
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonTeam Zume117
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubBrummies gone wild117
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXvitamin r116
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun BarThe Complete Unknowns112
2022 SummerAugustJo's Saloonavocado toast110
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housefifty thrifty and thriving109
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseBeans and Cheese108
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXhefty bags108
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubHawthorne & 10th108
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza PubGooses of the Sea107
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXsans hannah106
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXtots!105
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubSpace Hippies104
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza PubMidWestRepresent103
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street PubM train100
2022 SummerAugustJo's Saloonbanana hammocks99
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonDr. Glitch99
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housereal eyes realize real lies98
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HousePuns N Roses98
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza PubPizza, Party of 297
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonKADA94
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Houseteam cousing (unrelated)92
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseHarold and the Bananas92
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza PubKritical Mass90
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonJenn+Sienna+Max90
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housethe quizzicals89
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXthe mommies89
2022 SummerAugustThe Aerie at Eagle LandingGone Fishing and out of Beer87
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun Bar35 minutes late86
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housethe cream team86
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housesports girls85
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseI have no idea what I’m doing85
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Publibra catz84
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXscooter scott81
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housefriday80
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Pubziggy smalls79
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clubharold & kumar79
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXmeep76
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonTiti74
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housekewpie booties73
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Houseno eye dear72
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Houselolomike6972
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXsherlock homies72
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonTeam Zuma69
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housepenny lane69
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubJD68
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonCool Runnings66
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clubbeer crawl64
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXPharmacy Firsts63
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee ClubThe Loneliest Number61
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Pubthe canadians60
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housecider sucks60
2022 SummerAugustThe Aerie at Eagle Landingrolling stowes60
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housego cougs57
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXamygig57
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonFWP!55
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Housethe crystal gems55
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonMen Ain’t sh!t53
2022 SummerAugustJo's SaloonThe Boneyard52
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseLittle Sebastian52
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clubthe nicholwynns52
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseJM50
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Pubpost hike dykes48
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza Pubbill48
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider Houseedk45
2022 SummerAugustAlberta Street Pubdum blondes36
2022 SummerAugustAtlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza Pubwanderbeer35
2022 SummerAugustThe Toffee Clubirvington eagles35
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HouseMacks famous34
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXFlava of BEEF34
2022 SummerAugustSchilling Cider HousePrincipal Skinner30
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXkax28
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXrush hour28
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXMcTittles27
2022 SummerAugustThe Aerie at Eagle LandingMAMA25
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXMe, Myself, and I23
2022 SummerAugustNo Fun Bargorlies16
2022 SummerAugustThe Pharmacy PDXbing bong9