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Everything You Wanted to Know About TriviaMatic!*

(*but were afraid to ask….)

Step 1: Download TriviaMatic from your app store

Triviamatic App Apple Store Triviamatic App Google Store

Step 2: Sign into the app

Open the app

Click “Sign Up

◙ Either “Sign in as a Guest“, or choose to
Sign up as a Player

As a Guest, just choose a Username
and click “Sign In

If you choose a Player account:

✅ Create a Username

✅ Enter an Email
(We will never use this for anything
other than account recovery.)

✅ Create a Password and ✅ Confirm

Step 3: Join a game

◙ Click the “Play Now” icon


◙ Enter the 6 digit Event Code for the game

(should be posted near host station)

◙ Click “Join”

Step 4: Create a Team

◙ Click “+Create Team” button

◙ Choose Team Name (& optional photo)

(Note: these will be publicly viewable.)

◙ ADD PLAYERS TO YOUR TEAM and click “Save” button

(Note: make sure to keep 1 Player on your team at all times. If you “Leave Team” and no one is left to approve you, you will need to create a new team.)

◙ As friends join on their own devices
(phones and pads only), they apply to
“Join” your team

Click here^^
Captain accepts!

Step 5: Follow the Host’s lead, and have fun!

◙ When you reach this screen:

…it’s time to get this party started!