Atlantis Lounge at The Mississippi Pizza Pub

Sundays at 7:00 PM
Host: Brian C.

A staple of Mississippi Avenue since 2001, Mississippi Pizza Pub is a neighborhood pizza pub based on three fundamental guiding principles: great pizza; high quality live music and events; and above all, serving the local community. With the addition of an elegant martini bar known as the Atlantis Lounge in 2004, and gluten-free pizza in 2008, “The Mississippi” firmly established itself as the premier destination of the thriving six-block entertainment and dining corridor on historic Mississippi Avenue.

After two decades of awesome pizza and rocking music shows on the books, “The Mississippi” keeps chugging along, hosting over 600 live events, including Bingo, Comedy, and Trivia while serving over 30,000 customers a year!

Atlantis Lounge at Mississippi Pizza Pub 3552 N Mississippi Ave.
Portland, OR 97227

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