Who are the Semi-Finalists?

The Tournament of Champions is held twice during course of the calendar year: once in the summer (April-August) and once in the winter (October-February). For each month during the tournament the team with the highest total cumulative score at each venue is crowned the monthly semi-finalist for that venue. A designated week in September and March is semi-finals week for the summer and winter tournaments. The semi-finalists will face-off during this week at their normal trivia venue, with the winning team advancing as a finalist. All venues are eligible for the $1000 grand prize and finals!


2022 Summer Semi-Finalists

Venue May June July August
Alberta Street Pub Craftonomia (1081) Craftonomia (659) Craftonomia (656)
Atlantis Lounge at Mississippi Pizza Pub galaxy of thrift (222) Belgian Waffles, Wee-oo (496) pizzaboys (1094)
Jo's Saloon Uncles with Benefits (492) Uncles with Benefits (748) Uncles with Benefits (844)
No Fun Bar presbytyrion lannisters (1245) presbytyrion lannisters (950) presbytyrion lannisters (781)
Schilling Cider House Cider Moms (835) why go hard when u can go home (1144) why go hard when u can go home (873)
The Aerie @ Eagle Landing Sis-squatch (204) PAW Team Royalty (396) TEAM DAKOTA (190)
The Pharmacy PDX Otter Nonsense (697) Spaceballs: The Trivia Team (587) Otter Nonsense (644)
Toffee Club Spuds (783) Santa Cruz Savants (487) Vegan Vengeance (765)
!FREE PASS! Giamatti (Mississippi, 5/15)
!FREE PASS! Dan & the Dumb Dumbs (Aerie, 5/11)
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