Thomas O.

Thomas is a Portland native (ooh, aah, special). Loves the Blazers, Timbers, and sports in general. Warning: will get into deep discussions of sports — engage at your own peril. Also likes his quiet moments to himself, but steps out for trivia because he’s a self-described huge nerd. Video games are one of his favorite things to do, and you will get an earful discussing film/popular anime.

With a wit that only comes from treated mental illness, he’s smart enough to know that you’re wrong, but he has also worked enough retail jobs to know to keep his mouth shut. Most of the time.

A graduate student and tutor by day, his ambitions will not be compromised. Not even in the face of the worst school system money can buy.

The biggest thing he cares about when you attend his events: have fun and enjoy this city. It has everything you could ever want, you just have to go looking for it.