Trivia Tournaments

(Note: Full Tournament of Champions play will resume starting with the 2022 Summer season. See below for an explanation of our regular season schedule, and watch this space for developments during our 2021 Winter season.)


Every weekly trivia event in the Bridgetown Trivia family participates in the Tournament of Champions, giving players and their teams a chance to win cash and prizes.


The twice yearly Tournament of Champions is a way for you and your team to be rewarded for doing something you love! (We assume that’s playing trivia with us….) The winning TOC team takes home $1000 cash!!!


Our Tournament of Champions contests are held in semi-annual seasons:

  • Summer (May through August)
  • Winter (November through February)

At the end of each tournament season, there is a one week Semi-Final event at each venue during the first full week of September (Summer) or March (Winter).
Each ToC season culminates in a grand single night event – the Tournament of Champions Finals.


You don’t need to tell your host you want to be in the tournament – every team score is entered automatically. Tournament play and Semi-Finals events take place at your home venue during the season. The Finals are held at a specific venue, which will be communicated to the qualifiers beforehand.


Because you’re the best trivia players in the city, you deserve the best prizes.

  • 1st Place: $1000 cash
  • 2nd Place: $400 cash
  • 3rd Place: $100 cash


There are TWO paths to qualify for the Tournament of Champions:

  1. Become Your Venue’s Champion

    For each month during the tournament, the team with the highest total cumulative score at each venue is crowned a semi-finalist for that venue.

    For example, during the summer tournament each venue will have a team qualify for May, June, July and August.

    The four qualifying semi-finalist teams from each venue will battle to be the one to represent that venue at the Tournament of Champions during a one night semi-finalist showdown.

    Teams that are ‘Venue Champions’ start the TOC finals with 10 bonus points!!!

    So this is the best way to gain a head-start on the competition at the Tournament of Champions finals.

  2. Win a Free Pass

    • Free Pass Night Winner – During the course of the Tournament of Champions, Free Passes are given away at special one night events held each week at one of the Bridgetown Trivia venues. You can find out where the next free pass will be here.
    • Keep an eye out! – We never know why, how or when, but new Free Pass opportunities will appear randomly.
    • Follow us on Twitter and check our website for the latest.

    Finally your knowledge of random things pays off…. Let the games begin!