When is the Tournament of Champions?

** The 2020 WINTER TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS happens next March!**

This season’s contest of intellect will be held towards the end of March. Qualifying teams will be notified by email. If you think you should have received an email, but didn’t please contact us!

General Information

The Tournament of Champions is held twice during course of the calendar year: once in the summer (May-August) and once in the winter (November-February).

For each month during the tournament the team with the highest total cumulative score at each venue is crowned the monthly qualifier for that venue.

The first week of September and March are semi-finals week for the summer and winter tournaments.

The qualifying teams from each venue will battle to be the one to represent that venue at the Tournament of Champions during the second week of September or March.

You can also earn a chance to go straight to the finals of the Tournaments simply by winning a FREE PASS.

We award FREE PASSES throughout the season at various times and venues.

Keep an eye on our social media for when the next FREE PASS is to be awarded!